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Emissions Reduction and Maintenance

Orkney H2 – The Hydrogen Islands

In our universe, hydrogen (H2) is the most abundant of chemical elements. Yet little of it is freely available. Usually, it is combined with other chemical elements, to make compounds. H2 can be produced by electrolysis of water (H2O) – an electric current is used to split water into its component parts of H2 and oxygen (O2).

Orkney boasts an over–abundance of electricity which is renewable. Currently, it is wasted or lost at the point where the electricity grid hits capacity level. We can eliminate this waste of electrical power when we produce hydrogen through electrolysis. Doing so allows the surplus renewable energy (otherwise lost) to be stored and used at a later time. The resultant H2 acts as a means of energy storage. When the time is appropriate, this can be used to produce heat, power and fuel – for use as low–carbon transport or for any other purpose. What's more, H2 has the added benefit of being suitable to be used near to where it is generated. The added benefit means a reduction in the need for imported fossil fuels.

With its local 'Orkney Hydrogen Economic Strategy', Orkney is not only participating in reaching EU, Westminster and Scottish Government sustainability targets; it is also in a position to guide how such targets are set. The 'Orkney Hydrogen Economic Strategy' will enhance Orkney's standing as a forward–thinking island community, able to attract funding for, and see through to completion, a range of projects with global impact.

Orkney Island Council is currently committed to fulfilling sustainable low–carbon ambitions, as per its current Council plan.


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