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Emissions Reduction and Maintenance

Carbon Cleaning Service

We offer a national service providing a regular emission reductions service or a single clean to suit all customer requirements.

All internal combustion engines emit carbon dioxide and carbon deposits have a measurable detrimental effect. Governments all over the world are increasing emission regulations.

We can improve your engine's performance, improve fuel efficiency, lengthen engine/equipment/parts life – and substantially decrease engine out emissions.

E.C.M.'s (Engine Carbon Management) system of hydrogen carbon cleaning will not only prevent these problems occurring – but remove more severe deposits that have already formed. By choosing E.C.M. to carbon clean your engine you could save money on fuel expenses as well as reducing the impact on the environment by cutting emissions of both carbon dioxide (CO2) and air pollutants.

Which Engines Can Benefit from a Hydrogen Carbon Clean?

  • Cars, Vans and Lorries
  • Buses
  • Trains
  • Marine
  • Static Engines

E.C.M. – Trained and Accredited Technicians Working On-Site

Engine Carbon Management provide fully trained and accredited technicians to achieve emission reductions. We provide on–site Hydrogen De-carbonisation of engine internals using certified equipment. Our system cleans all components in the intake process of an engine including Turbo, back of the inlet valves cylinder head, piston crown and top piston ring and the EGR valve.

Carbon cleaning machine

We Get Results

Once the cleaning process has taken place a considerable improvement in engine performance will be noticeable with improvements to torque and responsiveness, reduction in noise and lower fuel usage. This will also result in longer service intervals due to the oil remaining cleaner for longer due to less contamination occurring.

We offer a national service providing regular emission reductions service or a single clean to suit all customer requirements In the UK road transport is now the largest source of CO2 emissions. In July 2018 the UK Government "set-out its strategy to meet both short and longer term reductions in CO2 and air quality emissions including ending the sale of conventional petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040."

E.C.M. can improve your engine's performance, save you money and help the environment!

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