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Emissions Reduction and Maintenance

Engine Carbon Cleaning

An Engine Carbon Cleaning Machine – what is it exactly?

The machine which carries out the carbon cleaning process is fitted with a hydrogen generator which through the process of electrolysis produces Hydrogen gas which is combined with a detergent based cleaner. This is introduced into the engine's air intake system - cleaning all components such as turbo charger, valves, piston crown, piston top ring, EGR value and exhaust manifold removing carbon build up, improving combustion and the flow of exhaust gases.

The process which does not require any disassembly of any engine components typically takes 1.5 hours to carry out with immediate improvements in engine performance, reduced noise, improved throttle response, smoother running . Using this process to compliment the standard maintenance procedures it will reduce running costs through the removal of harmful carbon build up normally removed through the disassembly of the engine and components.

Latest Technology

Engine Carbon Management specialise in the reduction of engine emissions for all engine types for road vehicles and off road including Rail, Marine, Plant and Stationary engines. Our process can achieve reductions of up to 80% of particulates, NOX and C02 using the latest technology of engine carbon removal.

The build up of carbon on the internal components of a combustion engine greatly reduce efficiency causing increased output of toxic pollutants, increased noise, increased fuel consumption, loss of power and increased maintenance costs.

We are able to carry out emissions testing using calibrated laboratory standard five gas analysers both before and after the cleaning process. The Carbon removal is carried out without the need to disassemble any engine components. Our equipment generates Hydrogen which in turn carries a blend of 11 detergents through the air induction cycle of the engine cleaning all components such as inlet manifolds and the back of the valves.

When in the combustion chamber the hydrogen greatly increases burn efficiency breaking down carbon deposits and enabling the detergents to clean the piston crown and top piston ring, valves and cylinder head.

Once the combustion cycle is completed the process of cleaning continues through the exhaust manifold and EGR value no corrosive chemicals such as KOH Potassium Hydroxide are used in our cleaning process.

The benefits to the operator are greatly improved engine efficiency, reduced maintenance costs, improving local air quality and enabling them to meet targets for emission reductions as government legislation requires them to.

Carbon removed from the engines of heavy plant

Engine Carbion Cleaning Van onsite


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E.C.M. can improve your engine's performance, save you money and help the environment!

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