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Emissions Reduction and Maintenance

E.C.M. Can Clean Your Engine

Engine Carbon Management offer the most efficient and cost-effective cleaning and detox service on all engine types. Over a period of time carbon deposits build up on engine combustion components resulting in severely reduced performance, increased fuel consumption, excessive noise and uneven running. Increased vehicle emissions cause many vehicles to fail MOT emission tests.

About Our Service

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Carbon Emissions

Unwelcome carbon deposits in internal combustion engines.


Renewable energy from the Orkney Islands.

Hydrogen Carbon Cleaning Process

The cleaning process which uniquely uses 99.4% pure Hydrogen Detergent mix takes 1.5 hours to complete. Immediately, you will feel the beneficial results of a smoother running engine – with improvements to throttle response, torque and noise reduction and decreased fuel consumption with vastly reduced emissions. There will be a considerable reduction in maintenance costs and a noticeable improvement in vehicle reliability.

Marine CO2 emissions

Suitable For All Types of Engine

The cleaning process is suitable for all petrol and diesel engines fitted in any type of vehicle, cars, HGVs, and boats with both inboard and outboard engines. It is Mazda rotary safe and carried out at your convenience.

E.C.M. can carry out the cleaning service to stationary units such as diesel-powered pumps, and generator sets at any location through the United Kingdom – helping companies achieve a considerable reduction in their emissions created through the use of this type of equipment. This also meets government emission reduction targets. You will receive documentation with emission readings with five gas analysis before and after the process carried out using calibrated equipment - and print outs to confirm reductions.

Ideally, the engine carbon clean should be introduced to your vehicle maintenance schedule thus ensuring reliability and reduced running costs and extended engine life.

We're the experts

Trained and Accredited Technicians Working On–Site

Engine Carbon Management provide fully trained and accredited technicians to achieve emission reductions. We provide on–site Hydrogen/Detergent De-carbonisation of engine internals using certified equipment. Our system cleans all components in the intake process of an engine including Turbo, back of the inlet valves, cylinder head, piston crown and top piston ring and the EGR valve and exhaust manifold.

E.C.M. does not use caustic POTASSIUM HYDROXIDE KO2 at any stage of the cleaning process and will make you aware of available alternatives. Hydrogen on its own does not remove carbon build and the KO2 commonly used is caustic causing potential damage. E.M.C. only use a detergent with the Hydrogen to improve fuel burn efficacy allowing the proven detergent to remove carbon build up without any detrimental side–effects.

Cleaner engines are better for the environment
Carbonised combustion engines damage the environment
Clean Engines with our eco-friendly hydrogen system

E.C.M. can improve your engine's performance, save you money and help the environment!

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